North Dakota DOT TAMP [Draft]

Published: 2016

The North Dakota DOT TAMP [Draft] is available here.

Document summary:

The North Dakota Department of Transportation’s Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) covers several sections. The TAMP describes the transportation system managed by the NDDOT, the method of managing transportation assets throughout their life cycles, the financial constraints in managing the system, the current level of service targets for each asset, and an improvement plan for the process of managing these assets.

This document includes the following sections: Financial Plan, Introduction, Inventory and Condition, Levels of Service, Lifecycle Management, Objectives and Measures, Performance Assessment, Process Improvements.
This document meets the following additional criteria:
• Defines linkages to other planning & programming documents
• Future cost/performance projections are based on management system analysis (e.g. HERS, dTIMS)
• Includes substantive list of process, data, and/or systems improvement actions.
The modal scope of this document is: Highway Only.
The asset scope of this document is: Highway Assets, Includes other highway assets.
External link (if available): Direct link