Using the Custom Outline Builder

The custom TAMP outline builder allows you to customize the structure and contents of your TAMP outline. The process for creating a custom outline is simple.

  1. You start with the minimal MAP-21-compliant outline. The Basic TAMP Outline should reflect the minimum requirements established by MAP-21. This outline contains the following sections:
    1. Introduction
    2. Inventory and Condition
    3. Objectives and Measures
    4. Performance Assessment
    5. Lifecycle Planning
    6. Risk Management
    7. Financial Plan
    8. Asset Valuation**
    9. Investment Strategies
    10. Process Improvements
  2. Then you select the additional sections that meet your agency’s requirements. The additional sections include:
    1. Regulatory and Legislative Requirements
    2. Data Management
    3. Levels of Service
    4. Future Demand
    5. Current Methods and Tools
    6. Environmental Sustainability
    7. Communication and Reporting
  3. Next, you have the option of adding agency-specific criteria that will be reflected in the guidance and references that accompany your outline.
  4. Finally, you submit your response and receive your outline by email.

Additional detail on the basic TAMP outline is available here.

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**Note that although an asset valuation is a required analysis under federal rules, the standard outline reflects the fact that this analysis is typically presented as part of another required analysis (e.g. inventory and conditions).