2022 California TAMP – Draft for Public Comment

Published: 2022

The 2022 California TAMP – Draft for Public Comment is available here.

Document summary:

The California TAMP describes the vision for how good asset management will help to deliver broad transportation goals and fundamental objectives supported by information on current asset conditions, the desired conditions in the future, and the likely conditions given future funding scenarios.The TAMP is also a key requirement of California law and of Federal regulations. California law (Senate Bill 486) requires Caltrans to develop an asset management plan for the State Highway System, as determined by the California Transportation Commission. Federal regulations (23 CFR 515) require an asset management plan for pavements and bridges on the National Highway System, including those owned by Caltrans and other federal, state and local agencies. This document is intended to meet both sets of requirements.

This document includes the following sections: Asset Valuation, Communications and Reporting, Current Methods and Tools, Data Management, Environmental Sustainability, Financial Plan, Future Demand, Introduction, Inventory and Condition, Investment Strategies, Lifecycle Management, Objectives and Measures, Performance Assessment, Process Improvements, Regulatory and Legislative Requirements, Risk Management.
This document meets the following additional criteria:
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The modal scope of this document is: Highway Only.
The asset scope of this document is: Culverts, Highway Assets, Includes other highway assets.
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