Location Alaska

The Alaska DOT&PF – Transportation Asset Management Synthesis for the Parks Highway Corridor is available here.

This document includes the following sections: Data Management, Introduction, Levels of Service, Objectives and Measures, Performance Assessment, Regulatory and Legislative Requirements.

This document meets the following additional criteria:
• Asset valuation included
• Future cost/performance projections are based on management system analysis (e.g. HERS, dTIMS)
• Includes an assessment of data quality or reliability
• Includes cross-asset resource allocation method
• Includes customer-oriented LOS statements
• Presents a corridor view of asset management.

The modal scope of this document is: Highway Only.

The asset scope of this document is: Highway Assets, Includes other highway assets.

External link: http://www.dot.state.ak.us/stwddes/asset_mgmt/assets/enterprise_tam_workplan_final.pdf
Document summary:

Alaska DOT & PF seeks to develop their agency's asset management maturity in order to improve the life cycle management and performance of their resources. The TAMP addresses a desire to more effectively use rich collections of data, fill gaps in data and understanding of performance, and change organizational procedures and culture. This TAMP outlines a work plan for the timeframe of 2012-2014, composed of self-contained projects for the advancement of the agency's current practice.