Location Oregon

The Oregon DOT – Asset Management Strategic Plan is available here.

This document includes the following sections: Data Management, Introduction, Inventory and Condition, Objectives and Measures.

This document meets the following additional criteria:
• Includes an assessment of data quality or reliability
• Includes communication plan.

The modal scope of this document is: Highway Only.

The asset scope of this document is: Highway Assets, Includes other highway assets.

External link: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/TECHSERV/AMI%20docs/04-amsp-10-111711_final.pdf
Document summary:

This AMP is based on a review of asset management practices and the principles from AASHTO’s Transportation Asset Management Guide. The asset management goals, as outlined in the document, are: foster integrated decision-making, establish a statewide inventory, develop an integrated data system, and create integrated reporting and analysis tools. An implementation plan has been made to reflect each one of these objectives.