New Zealand Transport Agency – State Highway Asset Management Plan

Published: 2011

The New Zealand Transport Agency – State Highway Asset Management Plan is available here.

Document summary:

The Asset Management Plan includes a framework for the document that depicts each section and the relationship to other sections and to the plan as a whole. Sections include descriptions of the agency assets, programs, demand, performance, risk, prioritization processes, improvements, implementation, and the link between existing plans. The AMP also includes a statement of intent, covering a list of desired impacts, with key progress indicators and targets for the agency.

This document includes the following sections: Asset Valuation, Communications and Reporting, Future Demand, Introduction, Inventory and Condition, Investment Strategies, Objectives and Measures, Performance Assessment, Process Improvements, Risk Management.
This document meets the following additional criteria:
• Asset valuation included
• Includes an assessment of data quality or reliability
• Includes analysis of future demand impacts on asset needs
• Includes estimates of future maintenance costs
• Includes formal risk assessment results such as a risk register
• Includes future projected asset condition
• Includes substantive list of process, data, and/or systems improvement actions
• Investment strategies summarize planned capital and operating expenditures
• Presents a corridor view of asset management.
The modal scope of this document is: Highway Only.
The asset scope of this document is: Highway Assets, Includes other highway assets.
External link (if available): Direct link