Shetland Islands Council – Roads Asset Management Plan

Published: 2007

The Shetland Islands Council – Roads Asset Management Plan is available here.

Document summary:

The Road Asset Management Plan (RAMP) reviews the Shetland Island Council’s current status of asset management practices and describes a review process that will take place to update the results of the document on a continuous cycle. Sections of the document include finance, lifecycle plans, risk management, user expectations, and future developments. The RAMP was developed by reviewing current practices and determining areas where current practice did not align with asset management principles. Customer surveys were also taken into account to determine customer priorities and consider service accordingly.

This document includes the following sections: Communications and Reporting, Financial Plan, Future Demand, Introduction, Inventory and Condition, Levels of Service, Objectives and Measures, Process Improvements, Risk Management.
This document meets the following additional criteria:
• Includes analysis of future demand impacts on asset needs
• Includes formal risk assessment results such as a risk register
• Includes substantive list of process, data, and/or systems improvement actions.
The modal scope of this document is: Highway Only.
The asset scope of this document is: Highway Assets, Includes other highway assets.
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